Living Green contest

I’ve mentioned before some of the ways that my family is trying to live greener. Over at, there is a contest for the most unique use of reusable dishcloths. Act fast because the contest ends tomorrow. Its always great when I try to think of ways to use less and do my part.


Been a while

In case you’ve missed me, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Like I said before, we moved into our house. Its still a disaster, but its slowly coming together. There was also some wonderful news: my best friend had a baby girl and her arrival inspired some of my best knitting design. I’ll be sharing that with you in a short while. We also experienced a loss in my family. Finally, I must still plan my sister Lauri’s bridal shower, so life is a little hectic, but I’ll try to be better about updating here. I hope to share those knitting patterns soon. Until then, I work, plan, knit, do math, and must cook dinner for my family.

New socks for a new home (AKA, Happy Hedera)

Pattern: Hedera

Needle: US 1/2.25 mm

Size: Small enough to fit my feet

Modifications: 10 repeats of the lace on the leg. 13 repeats on the heel flap.

Well, it is much more satisfying to knit these socks when I can actually wear the finished product. I love them. I will also always know that they are the socks that I was wearing the day that I became a homeowner. Don’t they look nice on the pretty wood floor of the kitchen?

All right, enough about my gorgeous socks . . . on to the gorgeous house. The basics: it is brick, built in the late 1800’s, 3 bedrooms, walk-in closet in master br, 2 baths with basin sinks, a sun porch,  wood-burning stove, deck with fountain and jacuzzi, and a finished attic. There is also beautiful carved wood and decorative doorknobs.

We’ve already experienced some of the negatives of home ownership. The previous owner kinked the gas line to the dryer when she was moving, so my husband spent most of today installing a new gas line. The sink and toilet in the downstairs bathroom have to be tightened in the near future, but there are positives too. I had been talking to my husband about plants. I wanted to plant irises, a lilac bush, and peonies. Yesterday, as we walked around the house, I saw those beautiful pink balls, the buds which burst into peonies. I squealed with delight. I also noticed irises in the front of the house. That only leaves the lilac bush, but I can survive without it for a little while. This year’s blooming season is over anyhow.

Move ’em on, head ’em up, head ’em up, Move ’em on

This will be really short because I’m a procrastinator. We are moving, closing on a house next Friday. I have to pack. No doubt about it. No more knitting socks for the moment (which by the way is a success. Hedera, the sequel is in production and half done). Must pack many boxes. Gotta go home and do it NOW!

Hello world, or more specifically, Hello Husband!

You are the one and only person in my blogging world right now, so hello. I’m just gonna fool around with this for a little bit since I have all kinds of free time while at the office these days. We’ll see how long it is until you discover this page. If per chance, someone who is not my husband is here, hello world.  You are welcome to look around while I figure out this whole blogging business. See ya later.