Its amazing that any of us survive

The world looks very different through my eyes as a parent than it did when I didn’t have another little life to care for. I was walking around our back yard last week and and was struck by fear at the sight of little mushrooms everywhere. My girl loves putting everything in her mouth at this point of her life. I thought about trying to protect her from the danger of what is in all likelihood many dangerous objects in our yard. I did some research and found that it is virtually impossible to remove the fungi and that I just have to follow my girl even more closely when she is outdoors. I also learned that some mushrooms that are considered safe for me could be poisonous to young children. Hmm, never realized that.

Just the other day, we were visiting my in-laws and enjoying some cherries off the tree. My 4 year old nephew was being scolded to stay away from the little berry bush and its unsafe fruit. One of the other little boys spouting his knowledge of the subject to my brother-in-law, “The birds can eat the berries and they are fine . . .” This reminded me of my childhood:  I was outside of our church and my mom was inside. We had raspberry bushes at my house, so when I saw a tree with little red berries, I decided to have a few. I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. And I think that I was old enough that I should have known better.

I guess that inside of the house is the only safe place . . . not quite. My husband had guests over the other day. They all removed their shoes before entering, yet I found 2 tiny shards of glass on the rug in the family room and one in the kitchen. It is nerve-wracking. I sometimes feel like a crazy mom, trying to protect my baby from all the dangers of the world, but I guess that to some degree being a mom requires a little bit of craziness.


New socks for a new home (AKA, Happy Hedera)

Pattern: Hedera

Needle: US 1/2.25 mm

Size: Small enough to fit my feet

Modifications: 10 repeats of the lace on the leg. 13 repeats on the heel flap.

Well, it is much more satisfying to knit these socks when I can actually wear the finished product. I love them. I will also always know that they are the socks that I was wearing the day that I became a homeowner. Don’t they look nice on the pretty wood floor of the kitchen?

All right, enough about my gorgeous socks . . . on to the gorgeous house. The basics: it is brick, built in the late 1800’s, 3 bedrooms, walk-in closet in master br, 2 baths with basin sinks, a sun porch,  wood-burning stove, deck with fountain and jacuzzi, and a finished attic. There is also beautiful carved wood and decorative doorknobs.

We’ve already experienced some of the negatives of home ownership. The previous owner kinked the gas line to the dryer when she was moving, so my husband spent most of today installing a new gas line. The sink and toilet in the downstairs bathroom have to be tightened in the near future, but there are positives too. I had been talking to my husband about plants. I wanted to plant irises, a lilac bush, and peonies. Yesterday, as we walked around the house, I saw those beautiful pink balls, the buds which burst into peonies. I squealed with delight. I also noticed irises in the front of the house. That only leaves the lilac bush, but I can survive without it for a little while. This year’s blooming season is over anyhow.

What motherhood means to me

The folks over at are having a Mother’s Day photo contest. This photo describes what motherhood is to me. My husband took it soon after my daughter and I came home from the hospital. We had a very stressful time in the hospital, an emergency c-section and then my daughter had to stay in the NICU on the 3rd floor while I was on the 6th floor. If there was a photo that could show how little time I spent in my own room while spending time by her in the NICU, I would post that instead. This picture is happiness to me, showing us finally able to relax and be together as mother and daughter. I love it. Its not artistic, but in my 8 months as a mother, I have seldom found artistic motherhood moments. They are all beautiful though.

I used to be sexy

What has my life come to? So, I was getting ready for my shower this morning and looked at myself in the mirror. My life has so deteriorated that I pulled an oat out of my hair. The only thing that would have made it worse is if after looking at the oat, I said to myself, “What the heck? When is the last time that anyone ate oatmeal?” Fortunately, it was yesterday evening. My girl was waving her hands around like crazy during dinner last night. . . I should probably check the walls for oatmeal mortar too, chisel it away.