If I had all the time in the world

I have found some wonderful crafts, but I haven’t the time to make them. You might notice that I barely have time to update my blog. I think its been about a month! In my imaginings, I knit some wonderful things, beautiful sweaters for all my friends and family, dresses and hats for my girl, sweaters and socks for me . . . but then there are the non-knitted items that I would love to make, but I can’t find the time, handmade soap (I have made some lovely soaps in the past), wonderful sewed bags to carry my knitting, a pillowcase dress, and cute, new fitted diapers for my girl. Maybe you could be inspired to make some of these items and I could live vicariously through your craft. Here are some of the beauties:

Wonderful Soap recipes Unfortunately, I had a great source for soap-making materials, but I just found out that the owner is closing up shop. I was always thrilled with her service and quick delivery. It makes me wonder, if “A Garden Eastward” can’t make it, how do some of these other companies stay in business? Sorry, I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Sock knitting Bag This looks so adorable and practical.

Bagsket knitting Bag This could very well be the most beautiful knitting bag I’ve ever seen. I think that if I had one, my couch would no longer be covered with my knitting projects.

Pillowcase Dress My girl is gorgeous (I know, I’m a little biased), but she would be even more beautiful in a dress like that. So pretty!

Fitted Diapers With my very active little girl, its hard enough to just get a diaper on her, much less be able to make a new diaper for her. I am in awe of WAHM’s who can do it.

Well, I hope this piqued your interest in one of these crafts . . . please don’t let me dream in vain. On another subject, I have completed the pattern for the Alyson tank/dress. I have been waiting for my husband to help me correct an error on the lace pattern. I’ll get on his back about it.