Reusable Swiffer covers

Needle: US size 6/4mm
Yarn: Peaches & Creme (Shrimp, Peacock, Teal, celery, etc.)

First of all, we have lots of wood and pergo floors in our new house. Secondly, I, like many people these days, am trying to cut down on the amount of garbage I add to the environment. These situations led me to discover this pattern. I approached it with a little apprehension. The swiffer covers that I buy in the store are “elecrostatically charged,” so I envisioned just pushing the dirt around while using my handknit swiffer covers. Nope; these things are great. I am so happy with them. The dirt and cat fur stick to the cover as well as it would stick to the electrostatically charged disposable covers. Yay!!

As an added bonus, one has to be careful when cleaning wood floors not to get them overly wet. I wet one of my knitted covers and squeeze it out well. Voila, it is the perfect dampness to clean a wood floor. Love, love love.