PSA: The dangers of knitting and driving

the results of knitting & drivingThis is Public Service Announcement, issued on April 30, 2008. Beware of knitting and driving.

Every day, when I leave the house for my daily commute, my husband rolls his eyes as I pick up my knitting. I don’t throw caution to the wind and try to knit while the car is actually in motion; that would constitute a pathological knitting obsession. I knit a few stitches at stop lights. It is wonderful because I usually run a few minutes late for work every morning. This way, when I inevitably catch every red light, I have a joyous little “snack” of knitting.

Today Hedera paid the price for my reckless knitting. Fortunately, I am only working the ribbing of sock #2 and this didn’t interrupt the lace. It was simple enough to tear it back, but I should have been more careful. So, let me reiterate: Beware of knitting and driving.

In other news, my husband and I are purchasing a house, so I am very busy packing our belongings. I know that I’ll be busy when we move into our new home too, so I wanted to make some meals to freeze. I plan to make pasta this weekend, specifically ravioli. If there is anyone who has a good ravioli recipe that he/she would like to share, a little variety would be great.


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